Case Study

Graceworks Lutheran Services

Graceworks Lutheran

Key Results

Employees picking up shifts at other homes

Employees picked up shifts at other homes

improved staff coordination

Improved staff coordination between sites

schedules created in minutes

Schedules created in minutes instead of hours

happy and engaged staff

Happy and engaged staff

Company Background

Graceworks Lutheran Services provides residential and personal services to help individuals achieve stability in their lives. Graceworks Enhanced Living's 350 employees serve adults with developmental disabilities in 40 group homes and day program facilities. The 40 Graceworks Enhanced Living group homes are located across four counties throughout the greater Dayton, OH and Cincinnati, OH areas.

The Challenge

Schedules created and managed on paper for each of Graceworks’ group homes did not allow for corporate oversight and made it difficult to share available staff across its 40 group homes.


Manual Labor Management

  • Schedules created using pencil and paper, or spreadsheets, by individual home managers did not allow for corporate oversight into staffing
  • When Staffing varied based on each resident's needs, which made necessary daily adjustments nearly impossible using manual processes
  • Limited Home managers had to carry the paper schedule with them and be available at any time if employees needed updates or changes

Limited Scheduling Visibility

  • Employees could pick up shifts at other homes, but had no visibility into available shifts
  • Home managers were unaware of available and willing employees to pickup shifts who worked in other homes
  • PRN staff became discouraged and disengaged as they had to call each individual home when they wanted to pick up shifts
  • Home managers contacted a limited group of "go-to" employees to work open shifts, which led to high overtime

Staff Burnout & Frustration

  • When call-offs occurred, home managers spent an average of four hours searching for replacements, relying on direct care staff at their own homes, which was a limited group
  • If Home managers were burned out from working extra shifts when they were unable to secure replacements to fill call-offs
  • Employees were frustrated as they would often be contacted on the same day by multiple home managers to fill shifts


The Solution

Graceworks Lutheran Services selected OnShift Schedule to gain staffing visibility across their 40 group homes. OnShift’s staff sharing features, employee messaging and management, and online scheduling were key reasons why Graceworks selected OnShift.

Sharing Staff Across Homes

  • Home managers can easily schedule employees from other homes with OnShift's staff sharing features
  • PRN staff have become a centralized staffing pool and can pick up shifts or be deployed to any of Graceworks' homes
  • Using OnShift messaging, employees are notified in the method they prefer of open shifts and important organization happenings

Online Management

  • Home managers create schedules in minutes with repeatable templates and easily modify daily staff adjustments based on changing residents' needs
  • Using OnShift's real-time staffing information and labor management dashboards, managers have visibility into when and where staff are working across all 40 homes
  • Employees have more control and ownership of their schedule with OnShift's mobile app

Happy Staff

  • Staff have flexible, more desirable schedules with the ability to see and pick up open shifts across multiple homes
  • Management has visibility into who's picking up shifts, and provide support if needed to avoid home manager burnout
  • Home managers have real-time visibility into employee overtime hours, reducing unnecessary overtime when filling open shifts

“OnShift helps give us a leg up to show applicants and employees that we can be more cutting edge because we have online scheduling, whereas another DD provider maybe wouldn't provide that.”

Jennifer Wurzelbacher, HR Manager

The Results

  • 1 out of 15 shifts were filled by staff from other homes
  • Gained competitive hiring advantage by offering flexible schedules
  • Employees are happy and more engaged with clear expectations of their schedules
  • 40% of employees picked up shifts outside of their home organization
  • Combating the labor shortage by growing its PRN staffing pool by 20% enabled by OnShift's staff sharing capabilities
  • The six-week schedule for each home is created within minutes
“OnShift has allowed PRN staff to more easily schedule their hours without waiting for a call back from the home manager. They can see immediately what homes have open shifts, when they're open, and pick up what works for their schedule.”
Kelly Bergstrom
Kelly Bergstrom, Senior Services Manager
Graceworks Lutheran Services

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