Case Study


Edgewood - Lifecare Community

Key Results

Increase retention


Employee retention

Eliminated agency workers


Use of agency workers

5 minutes to open shifts

5 minutes

To fill open-shifts

happy and engaged staff


And engaged staff

Company Background

Located just north of Boston, Edgewood, a LifeCare community, offers all levels of care including enhanced independent living and skilled nursing services. Edgewood’s care philosophy is centered on their residents as the architects of their own wellbeing, which allows residents to receive care in their preferred location across the 100-acre campus.

The Challenge

Paper and pencil were the foundation for creating the staff schedule and “robo calls” were in place to fill shifts at Edgewood. These manual practices were time-consuming and error-prone and led to high overtime and difficulties communicating with staff.



Rising labor costs


visibility into staff scheduling


employee communication issues

Rising Labor Costs

  • With a manual scheduling process, the scheduler was unaware of potential overtime risks when filling open shifts
  • Open shifts were often filled with expensive agency staff, causing labor costs to rise
  • Overtime was difficult to prevent due to lack of visibility with paper schedules

Limited Visibility Into Staffing

  • With the large amount of writing, copying and manual changes, mistakes often appeared on the schedule, which frustrated employees and the scheduler
  • Administrators and schedulers lacked visibility into staffing data, making it a challenge to staff to budget
  • Sharing staff by scheduling employees to different campus locations was nearly impossible

Employee Communication Issues

  • When call-offs occurred, the scheduler called employees one-by-one, sometimes taking a full day or more to fill an open shift
  • Open shifts were assigned to whomever the scheduler could reach first, which frustrated other employees who were never contacted
  • Employees became disengaged because there was not an efficient way to notify staff about schedule changes and important community happenings


The Solution

Edgewood selected OnShift Schedule to streamline labor management and gain better visibility into labor costs. OnShift’s online scheduling, employee communications and overtime management features were key reasons why Edgewood chose OnShift.


reducing cost of labor


Consistent staffing and efficiencies


Happy and engaged staff

Labor Cost Reduction

  • Edgewood avoids unnecessary overtime with predictive analytics and real-time alerts that indicate when an employee will go into overtime
  • Schedulers proactively manage overtime through automated daily overtime reports
  • Edgewood eliminated all use of agency workers through more accurate scheduling which boosted employee retention

Consistent Staffing & Efficiencies

  • OnShift identifies gaps or overages in staffing plans, based on hours per patient day (HPPD) budgets, so adjustments can be made to facilitate consistent staffing
  • Call-offs and unexpected open shifts are typically filled within minutes as employees are notified via text message, mobile notification, email or automated phone call
  • Schedulers easily plug in staff where needed using OnShift's online, repeatable templates

Employee Engagement

  • The administrator can identify and recognize employees who go above and beyond through their willingness to pick up shifts, making employees feel appreciated
  • Employees have more control over their schedules with 24/7 access to and management of their shifts using OnShift's mobile app
  • Schedulers can easily access staffing data in OnShift to communicate with employees and schedule staff across campus locations

“You plug staff right into their template on the days they're going to work and it literally just rolls over every month. It's such an easy process. It's just a click of a button, a push of a finger.”

- Diane Sanchez, Scheduler

The Results

  • Increased employee retention as employees have clear expectations and access to their schedule 24/7
  • Operates consistently below 3% overtime
  • Decreased time spent on scheduling which allows scheduler to spend more time on other duties including central supply and medical records
  • Eliminated use of agency workers
  • Fill open shifts typically within 5 minutes using OnShift's messaging
  • Employees are happy and engaged, contributing to a positive team environment
“Our turnover has reduced by a little more than 10% since we started using online scheduling with OnShift. It holds employees accountable to work the shifts as scheduled. By eliminating confusion with scheduling or shift swaps and allowing people to cover shifts quickly, OnShift helped to reduce staff frustration and burnout.”
Natalie MacBrien, Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer

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