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Key Results

Decrease time to schedule


Decrease in time to create schedule

Eliminated overtime


Scheduled overtime

10 minutes to fill shifts

10 minutes

To fill open-shifts

Happy and engaged staff


And engaged staff

Company Background

The Bridges at Bent Creek is a Basile Senior Housing Community located in Pennsylvania. The senior living community provides a home-like setting to its residents and offers three different levels of care including personal care and memory care.

The Challenge

Staffing at Bridges at Bent Creek was taxing and time-consuming using pen-and-paper scheduling processes. Even though employees were eager to pick-up open shifts, the community lacked a vehicle to communicate open shifts to all employees fairly, which left employees frustrated.


Tedious Staffing

  • Staff schedules were managed on paper, which took up to 20 hours to create each week
  • When employees called off or took vacation, the scheduler spent hours recording the changes and reprinting all the required schedules for the community
  • Limited staffing visibility resulted in the inability to accurately predict hiring needs for specific positions and shifts

Rising Labor Costs

  • Employee hours were manually calculated when the scheduler needed to fill an open shift, making it difficult to quickly identify and assign under-utilized employees to the shift
  • Filling open shifts commonly led to overtime as the scheduler lacked visibility into employee hours and overtime risk when filling openings
  • Maintaining consistent staffing levels was time consuming due to manual staffing calculations

Low Satisfaction

  • Open shifts were posted on paper by the time clock whenever the schedule was finished giving team members present the first opportunity to pick up, which staff claimed was an unfair process
  • If weekend and part-time staff wanted to pick up shifts, they needed to go into the community to view the openings and schedule changes, often on their day off, making them frustrated and disengaged


The Solution

Bridges at Bent Creek selected OnShift Schedule so the community could access real-time staffing information and gain efficiencies. OnShift’s online scheduling, ease-of-use and ability to communicate open shifts to employees equally and fairly were key reasons why Bridges at Bent Creek chose OnShift.

Improved Efficiencies

  • Gain efficiencies and make the scheduling process easier for the scheduler and department heads with online and repeatable schedules
  • Use real-time staffing information to provide a comprehensive view of both immediate and future staffing needs
  • Reduce the time it takes to create and update schedules

Improved Visibility

  • Fill open shifts quickly and fairly by notifying only qualified and available staff via text message, email, phone call or mobile push notification
  • Gain visibility into employee overtime with predictive analytics and real-time staffing information so overtime can be avoided
  • Proactively schedule to staffing levels based upon the requirements automatically calculated within OnShift

Happy Staff

  • Share open shifts equitably among employees by instantly communicating shifts to a broader group of employees
  • Communicate important community happenings and updates, like family days for residents, special events, training and weather alerts with all employees using OnShift’s messaging capabilities
  • Give employees more control over their schedules and on-the-go access with OnShift’s mobile app

“With OnShift, we no longer guess what our staffing needs are. OnShift has helped us be proactive and allows us to identify where we need to hire.”

Justin Lee, Marketing and Admissions Counselor

The Results

  • 60% decrease in time to create a schedule
  • Eliminated scheduled overtime with real-time visibility into employee overtime
  • Fill open shifts within 10 minutes of the schedule being posted using OnShift’s messaging capabilities
  • Employees are happier and more engaged with greater ownership of their schedules
  • More proactive and accurate hiring with greater insight into scheduling gaps and open positions
  • Faster and agile scheduling with OnShift
“OnShift fosters employee engagement. It has made it easier for employees to be active with their schedules and they feel like they have more control.”
Justin Miller, Bridges at Bent Creek
Justin Lee, Marketing and Admissions Counselor
Bridges at Bent Creek

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