Achieve Staffing Success

Thousands of post-acute care and senior living organizations rely on OnShift products to staff consistently and efficiently for high quality care, lower costs and better operational performance.

Do More

Be more proactive, productive and efficient by anticipating workforce needs, and streamlining recruiting, hiring and scheduling processes.

Fill jobs faster by anticipating workforce needs with OnShift Insight

Increase efficiencies by automating processes throughout the applicant lifecycle with OnShift Hire


Save time by automated scheduling and fill shifts in minutes with OnShift Schedule

Save Money

Reduce costs through targeted recruiting for best-fit hires,  balanced schedules that right-size staff, and consistent staffing that minimizes turnover

Lower costs by reducing agency use, overtime and open shifts with OnShift Insight

Reduce recruiting and hiring costs by reducing time to hire with OnShift Hire


Prevent unnecessary overtime up to 90% with OnShift Schedule




Be The Best

Get higher quality outcomes, improve satisfaction and boost operational performance with a stable, consistent and engaged workforce.

Right-size staffing by making more informed hiring decisions with OnShift Insight

Improve quality of hires by building a database of qualified candidates with OnShift Hire


Drive consistency and improve care by staffing to residents' needs with OnShift Schedule

Learn Staffing Best Practices