Online Scheduling

Replace Manual Scheduling & Boost Efficiencies with OnShift

With manual, paper-based scheduling practices, it’s nearly impossible  to staff properly and within budget. With daily shift updates, call-offs, time-off requests, no-shows, and ongoing fluctuations in census or occupancy, schedules are often out of date the moment they are published.

That’s not the case with OnShift's easy-to use scheduling tools, designed specifically for long-term care and senior living.

Request a demo and see how OnShift allows you to: 

  • Create repeatable schedules with web-based, reusable templates
  • Condense complex staffing issues into a manageable and actionable to-do list
  • Easily modify schedules in minutes and instantly notify staff involved
  • Staff-to-fit according to qualifications, cost, seniority and/or acuity or assessments
  • Manage to part-time, per diem and ACA work hour thresholds
  • Create desirable schedules by managing employee work availability preferences, time-off and fill-in requests
  • Empower employees through mobile app self-service access to manage their schedules

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