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Cost Of Turnover Calculator in Healthcare

Employee turnover is a BIG problem in healthcare. Within the first 90 days, approximately 40% of new hires will leave their organization, causing providers to ask – what happened? Sometimes it’s hard to get a grip on just how much this is costing providers, which is why we’ve created our Cost of Turnover Calculator.

The following best practices are proven to help those in healthcare increase efficiencies, reduce excess labor costs, boost engagement and ensure you’re staffed consistently for quality care and service.

Healthcare Scheduling Software: What To Look For

Healthcare Scheduling Software Checklist

Staffing in a shift-based care setting can be hectic. Make sure whatever scheduling software you choose is up for the challenge by looking for these specific features and functionality.

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Labor Metrics That Matter In Behavioral Health

Labor Metrics That Matter in Behavioral Health

Learn how to build the ultimate labor metrics KPI scorecard so you can increase efficiencies, reduce excess labor costs, boost engagement and staff consistently each-and-every shift.

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The Manager Qualities That Drive Employee Engagement

7 must-have manager qualities to boost employee engagement

50% of employees have left a job to get away from their manager. Get the seven must-have qualities managers need to drive employee engagement and boost performance.

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Employee Engagement Issues?

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