Staff Consistently in Senior Care

OnShift focuses exclusively on long-term care and senior living, helping providers solve their workforce challenges. We acknowledge that no two properties are the same, and there are differences among skilled nursing, CCRCs, assisted living, and others. OnShift is tailored to specific environments and offers solutions for both independent and multi-facility organizations.

Long-Term & Post-Acute Care

Reimbursement cuts and managed Medicaid have squeezed margins for skilled nursing and post-acute care providers. Add in the need for reducing hospital readmissions and optimizing your position for hospital and ACO partnerships, and staffing for high quality is in the spotlight, like never before.

  • Dynamically adjust staff based on census and acuity, control labor costs by reducing overtime and agency usage, schedule and hire efficiently across departments

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Senior Living

Increasing resident acuity, aging-in-place preferences, and growing competition are challenging senior living communities to deliver service excellence and efficient operations day-in and day-out. The need to provide proper, consistent staffing is more critical now than ever.

  • Improve predictability with proactive insight into hiring and improve ED/RCD productivity with hiring and scheduling efficiencies

Three emerging trends can make a big difference to the success of today’s senior living operators  

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Independent Providers

We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to staffing in the long-term care and senior living market. That’s why OnShift offers a solution tailored to independent providers. Get the tools and systems you need to focus on your community’s scheduling efficiencies, ability to fill open shifts, overtime reduction, and right-size staffing, right from a web-based interface or mobile app.

  • Fill open shifts in minutes, create schedules with ease and make more informed hiring decisions


Multi-site Providers

Enterprise organizations with multiple properties have different staffing and labor management requirements than independent communities. OnShift's products are specifically designed to meet the needs of multi-site providers, with scalable, enterprise-class capabilities to fit your organization, regions, divisions, and communities. The savings, quality improvements, and efficiencies grow exponentially as you standardize practices with OnShift across your communities.

  • Get a 360-degree view into staffing across properties and recuit and hire throughout your enterprise



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