Case Study

Sandpiper Courtyard


Key Results



Increase in scheduling efficiencies



Reduction in call-offs


< 2%

Less than 2% overtime consistently for Sandpiper Courtyard

Company Background

Sandpiper Rehab & Nursing, a 176-bed skilled nursing community, provides comprehensive short-and long-term nursing care. Located on the same campus is Sandpiper Courtyard, a 56-bed assisted living community. Both communities are part of Premier Senior Living which owns and operates 14 assisted living and skilled nursing communities in the Southeast.

Business Challenges

Paper, a ruler, Xs and Os and sticky notes were the foundation for staff schedules at both Sandpiper communities. These manual practices were time-consuming and error-prone, and led to high overtime, difficulties managing attendance, and confusion among staff.

Increasing Labor Costs

  • Employees milking the clock caused high employee overtime
  • Overtime due to punch variances was difficult to identify and track due to manual scheduling and a siloed time and attendance system
  • Tracking overtime at both communities was based on historical data, making it impossible to proactively prevent and reduce overtime 

Scheduling Inefficiencies

  • Creating a monthly staff schedule consumed an entire week each month
  • PTO, leaves of absence, terminations and new hires were tracked manually on paper, which was time-consuming and led to mistakes in the schedule
  • When employees called off, schedulers spent hours calling lists of employees to fill the shift

Lack Of Communication

  • Staff were frustrated with lack of visibility into schedules and difficulties keeping up with changes
  • The time and attendance system was disconnected from scheduling, limiting the ability to enforce attendance policies


The Solution

Premier Senior Living selected OnShift’s staff scheduling and labor management software for all 14 of their communities. Ease-of-use, broad communications features and an employee mobile app were key reasons why Premier Senior Living selected OnShift.

Scheduling Efficiencies

  • Easily modify schedules by assigning and moving staff with a click of a mouse
  • Quickly fill open shifts by allowing employees to use their mobile device to request shifts
  • Repeatable staff templates and online schedules dramatically reduce time spent on scheduling

Overtime Reduction

  • Avoid overtime with integration between OnShift and the time and attendance system, helping managers to easily identify and manage punch variances
  • Use real-time staffing data and overtime projections to fill open shifts with employees at least risk of incurring overtime

Staffing Transparency

  • Reduce the number of staff call-offs with better visibility into and enforcement of employee attendance
  • Eliminate Employees are more engaged due to better access to and control of their schedule with the mobile app

“I love how easy it is to manage the schedule in OnShift. Overtime is color coordinated and I can easily see who has the most hours, who's picked up the most shifts, and who deserves a day off.”


Rhonda Edwards, Staff Scheduler

The Results

  • 57% reduction in call-offs with ability to easily communicate and fill shifts
  • Scheduler saved 32 hours a week by transitioning off paper schedules to online with OnShift
  • Better enforcement of attendance policies, with more visibility into punch variance, call-off histories and clock-riding
  • Improved continuity of care as a result of more consistent scheduling and automated scheduling
  • Employees are happier with better visibility into their schedules and ease of using the mobile app
  • Reduced overtime to less than 2% with predictive analytics and increased data transparency
“OnShift makes our jobs easier. The accessibility and the user friendliness just streamlines everything.”
Rhonda Edwards
Rhoda Edwards, Staff Scheduler
Sandpiper Rehab

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