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Royal Health Group

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Key Results



Open shifts filled by staffing pool among communities



Shifts filled by staffing pool employees


Recruiting Advantage

Created competitive advantage in recruiting and hiring



Consistently operating within 0.1% of labor budget

Company Background

Royal Health Group is a 16-community senior living organization with communities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Royal Health Group offers post-acute skilled nursing, short-term rehabilitation, assisted living, long-term care, home care and hospice.

Business Challenges

Royal Health Group’s top priority is providing the highest quality of care to its residents across all communities. However, the company relied on expensive agency staff and overutilized employees to fill open shifts due to staff shortages. With staff schedules created and managed on paper, it was difficult for leadership to track and manage these staffing issues across the organization.

Increasing Labor Costs

  • A stagnant labor market and staff shortages led to high employee overtime as current employees were needed to work above and beyond their scheduled hours
  • Many employees are working two, and sometimes, three different jobs, limiting the number of employees who were willing to and able to pick up  open shifts
  • Open shifts were often filled with expensive agency staff, causing labor costs to rise

Scheduling Inefficiencies

  • Schedules were created using pen and paper, which was time consuming and error prone. Employees had to go back and forth when changes needed to happen
  • When open shifts occurred, the scheduler spent hours calling employees searching for replacements
  • HPPD staffing levels were calculated by hand by schedulers, making it challenging to quickly adjust staffing when census fluctuated

Limited Visibility

  • Lack of visibility into staffing information within and across communities made it difficult to report labor metrics to company leadership
  • Corporate operations leadership was forced to manually create and run individual community staffing reports. This was inefficient and only provided retroactive staffing information
  • Accessing enterprise-wide staffing data was a manual process, limiting management's ability to quickly identify communities operating over their labor budget


The Solution

Royal Health Group selected OnShift's staff scheduling and labor management software for all 16 of their communities. Visibility into enterprise staffing data, broad communications features used to fill open shifts and ease-of-use were key reasons why Royal Health Group selected OnShift.

Sharing Staff

  • Partnering with OnShift, Royal Health Group created a centralized staffing pool that incentivizes employees to work across multiple communities
  • OnShift enables Royal Health Group to "plug and play" 50+ pool of employees to fill shifts across all communities
  • Using OnShift's messaging capabilities, schedulers can easily notify and assign employees within the staffing pool to open shifts

Scheduling Efficiencies

  • Standardized online schedules and repeatable templates allow Royal Health Group to easily expand its use of OnShift to new communities
  • OnShift's messaging capabilities empower schedulers to fill open shifts more efficiently and allow employees to request open shifts
  • With the integration of census information, time & attendance data, and scheduled hours, schedulers can quickly adjust staffing in real-time when needs change

Enterprise Staffing Visibility

  • With OnShift, schedulers and managers have visibility into staffing data, allowing them to easily monitor staffing levels, overtime and staff utilization
  • Company leadership has easy access to labor data, allowing them to stay involved in key labor management discussions and decisions
  • The corporate staffing specialist, who oversees scheduling company-wide, can quickly access and act upon the consolidated data in OnShift dashboards and reports

“OnShift is a great communications tool and the best way to reach all of our employees.”

Dianne Dagg, Corporate Staffing Specialist, Royal Health Group

The Results

  • Staffing pool employees fill shifts cross communities on  regular basis, with 850 shifts filled in 6 months of use
  • Gained visibility into staffing across all communities
  • Improved recruiting with staffing pool's competitive incentives
  • Reduced labor costs by decreasing overtime to 2% and minimizing agency use
  • Consistently operates within 0.1% of labor budget with visibility into staffing levels across organization
  • Employees are engaged and happier with improved communications and the ability to easily manage schedules from their mobile phones
“OnShift is our 'home base' staffing system. Using OnShift, we have standardized our staffing across all of our communities.”
Josh Mamary
Josh Mamary, Director of Business Systems
Royal Health Group

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