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Modern, Mobile & Contactless: Introducing OnShift Time

September 15, 2020 | Mark Woodka

Introducing OnShift Time BlogWhat do dinosaurs, disco and typewriters have in common? They are all relics of the past. They served an important role in history but failed to stand the test of time. What if I told you that traditional timeclocks will likely be joining that group? Hear me out.

Traditional timeclocks can be big, bulky, error prone and expensive. They often come with maintenance fees and when a clock goes offline, you resort to manual time collection methods that require a pen and paper.

Now, tack on the COVID-19 pandemic and suddenly your timeclock isn’t just an expensive headache, but a potential hotspot for the spread of the virus at your community.

Fortunately, there is a better way. I am pleased to announce OnShift Time, our latest solution in the ongoing expansion our human capital management platform. With this next-generation time & attendance software, healthcare providers now have the ability to dramatically reduce costs by eliminating the need for timeclocks while also improving the safety of their communities with a contactless solution designed to protect against COVID-19.

"Timeclocks are an expensive relic of the past. OnShift Time gives our staff a modern, contactless experience, while providing the real-time, actionable workforce management insights we need to reduce excess labor costs and streamline payroll processes. Through our partnership with OnShift, Signature is elevating our employees' experience which is a gamechanger for us."

- Ben Bartoszek, Director of HRIS, Signature HealthCARE

OnShift Time, when combined with OnShift’s scheduling and employee engagement solutions, create a powerful best-in-class workforce management solution purpose-built for healthcare.

OnShift Time utilizes state-of-the-art facial recognition biometric technology, which makes punching in as simple as taking a selfie. This delivers an easy and convenient experience, where employees can punch in or out from their mobile device, a centralized tablet or a combination of both. And, OnShift Time provides pre-screening COVID-19 questionnaires for added infection prevention.



I hope you’re excited about our new, game-changing solution! After all, isn’t it about time?!

This health crisis has unfortunately been devastating to senior care providers and we hope that OnShift Time will help in the effort to keep residents and employees safe. All of us at OnShift sincerely appreciate all that you are doing in this battle. We will get through this together and hopefully soon be able to call the COVID-19 pandemic a relic of the past.

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