Employee Financial Wellness Software

Employee Financial Wellness

OnShift® Wallet powered by Payactiv gives employees financial peace of mind with access to earned wages, between paychecks, to better manage expenses. You'll see better recruitment, lower turnover and higher engagement across the board.

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  • Real-Time Access To Unpaid Wages

    Employees can access up to 50% of current earnings (max $500) for a $1 program fee on the day of the transaction.i

  • Automated, Painless Integration

    With simple, automated integrations into T&A & payroll systems, there is no extra work to give employees these financial benefits.

  • Give Employees Financial Flexibility

    Employees can access online bill pay, bank transfers, RX discounts, Amazon transfers, financial counseling, & start a direct deposit account all from one place.

  • CFBP-Approved

    The first & only earned wage access provider approved by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Ease Employee Financial Stress

Nearly 100 million US workers are living paycheck to paycheck with less than $400 in liquid savings. When an unexpected expense hits, they are in a world of hurt. OnShift Wallet eases this stress by providing key financial benefits, such as access to earned money, before payday.

  • With the free OnShift Wallet app, employees can access up to 50% of their current earnings ($500 maximum per pay period)i
  • Give employees access to The OnShift® Wallet Visa™ Prepaid Cardii for an easy direct deposit option & bonus benefits to skip the $1 program feeiii
  • 71% of OnShift customers avoided paying bank overdraft fees, late payments, payday loans or other fees
  • 90% of OnShift customers intend to spend the funds on bills, groceries, rent & unexpected expenses
OnShift Wallet

Show Employees That You Care

Employees’ expenses don’t always align with payday. The best thing that you can do is to give your employees options to help alleviate financial stressors, which cost American companies $300 billion per year in absenteeism, decreased productivity and turnover.

  • Give employees access to their earned wages with bank transfers, direct deposit, instant deposit to The OnShift® Wallet Visa™ Prepaid Card & bill pay services
  • Employees can shop for millions of items on Amazon without a debit or credit card
  • Promote financial wellness through free counseling & online content dedicated to financial literacy
  • Provide discounts to prescriptions through an RX discount program

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Easy Setup Makes Getting Started Painless for Providers

We make it quick and easy for providers to get up and running with OnShift Wallet.

  • No cost or risk to employers: OnShift Wallet funds the transferred wages to the employee between paychecks and automatically deducts that amount from the employee's paycheck.
  • Simple integration: OnShift Wallet integrates with your current time & attendance and payroll systems. There is no change to your existing processes. Wages are processed and distributed as normal.
  • Convenient mobile access: The OnShift mobile app is available on the App store and Google Play.


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OnShift Wallet Drives Real Results

Did you know that 89% of workers would work longer for an employer who offered earned wage access? Or that 89% of workers with OnShift Wallet would recommend their workplace to a friend? We've seen it time and time again - the benefits of OnShift Wallet not only help workers, but employers too!

  • Encourage employees to pick up shifts by showing how much money they have access to in real time
  • Reduced absenteeism by up to 30% helping to lower last minute employee call-offs & no-shows
  • Increased work performance by up to 86% helping to increase resident care & compliance
  • The first & only FinTech company to receive an approval order from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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i The $1 covers all transactions until midnight PT. Fees are capped at $3 for weekly and $5 for biweekly pay periods.

ii The OnShift Wallet Visa Card is issued by Central Bank of Kansas City, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Certain fees, terms, and conditions are associated with the approval, maintenance, and use of the Card. You should consult your Cardholder Agreement and the Fee Schedule. If you have questions regarding the Card or such fees, terms, and conditions, you can contact us toll-free at 877-747-5862, 24 hours a day.

iii The employee must activate the OnShift® Wallet Visa Prepaid Card and use it for their direct deposit method with their organization. There must be one direct deposit. Successful verification is required.

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"We see OnShift Wallet powered by PayActiv as a valuable addition to our recruitment and retention program. With low unemployment and high turnover in most markets, we believe offering solutions like this can only help us in the relentless pursuit of attracting new team members and ultimately increasing overall retention."
Chris Hyatt
Chris Hyatt, Partner & COO
New Perspective Senior Living

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