Case Study

Marklund Hyde Center



Key Results

client satisfaction rating


Client satisfaction rating achieved through staffing

reduction in average monthly overtime


Reduction in monthly overtime from the first year with OnShift

90 percent reduction in time to fill open shifts


Reduction in time to fill open shifts

consistent staffing

Consistent Staffing

High quality care achieved through consistent staffing across sites

Company Background

Marklund is a nonprofit care organization in northern Illinois that serves infants, children, teens and adults with serious and profound developmental disabilities and special healthcare needs. The Marklund Hyde Center in Geneva, one of three Marklund communities, is home to 96 residents who live in six intermediate care facilities on a 25-acre campus. Marklund serves both residential and community clients with a range of care levels.

The Challenge

Staffing shifts at Marklund Hyde Center was a difficult and complex process using manual, paper-based schedules. While employees were typically scheduled at the same location, the scheduler needed a way to easily share staff across the campus’ six residential homes and main developmental training center in order to maintain consistent care for their residents.

Costly Staffing

  • A wide range of staffing level targets across Marklund's multiple sites made it difficult to assign employees to shifts to consistently meet staffing requirements
  • Schedulers lacked visibility into employee hours worked, leading to unnecessary overages and overtime
  • A challenging labor market and staff shortages created high overtime and the need for expensive agency use

Scheduling Inefficiencies

  • The year-long master schedule was inflexible and difficult to update when employees changed shift rotations, went on leave, or left the community
  • Paper schedules were error-prone and often took weeks to update
  • Employees submitted shift requests on paper and sticky notes, which took days to address and left employees frustrated

Time-Consuming Call-Offs

  • When an employee called off, the scheduler spent hours individually contacting up to 200 employees to fill the shift
  • Employees lacked visibility into open shifts, which led to both employee and scheduler dissatisfaction
  • When call-offs occurred, the scheduler lacked visibility into which employees were qualified and available to work


The Solution

Marklund selected OnShift Schedule so the organization could consistently staff shifts to meet staffing targets while easily scheduling employees across campus sites. OnShift’s online scheduling, broad communications and ease-of-use were key reasons why Marklund chose OnShift.

Consistent Staffing

  • Gain visibility into staffing across multiple sites, making it easier to fill shifts to ensure proper staffing for high quality care and service
  • Use real-time staffing data and overtime projections to fill open shifts with cost-effective, best-fit replacements

Scheduling Made Easy

  • Create schedules in minutes with repeatable templates and easily modify staff assignments with online scheduling
  • Match employees' preferred shifts using OnShift's shift request features
  • Employee conveniently access schedules and manage shifts with OnShift's mobile app

Resolving Call-Offs

  • Quickly fill call-offs and open shifts - including less desirable overnight and weekend shifts - by notifying staff via test messages, email, phone or mobile push notification
  • Share open shifts equitably among employees by communicating with all qualified and available employees

"With OnShift, we have higher satisfaction from parents and guardians solely because we make sure that the staffing levels are where Marklund wants them to be."


Rachelle Jewison - Administrator, Marklund Hyde Center & Community-Based Services

The Results

  • Consistently delivers the highest level of care due to proper staffing
  • 22.8% reduction in average monthly overtime from the first year with OnShift - 2014 to present
  • Attracts potential employees by offering an easy-to-use scheduling system with the ability to pick up open shifts
  • 95.7% client satisfaction rating, achieved through consistent staffing and quality care
  • 96% reduction  in time to fill open shifts from employee requests
  • Time it took scheduler to address open shift requests went from days to hours

  • Employees can easily pick up shifts, leaving them happy and engaged, all while reducing Marklund's reliance on expensive agency staff
“When we experienced a staffing shortage, it was nice to not have to make 200 phone calls to fill call-offs. Sending out a message to everyone using OnShift was the only way we made it through. Without OnShift, I would have spent more time on the phone rather than filling shifts."
Jen Thompson, Marklund
Jen Thompson, Scheduler
Marklund Hyde Center

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