Case Study

HCF Management




Key Results

lower labor costs

Lowered Costs

By reducing overtime to 1.88%

management visibility into staffing


Gained management visibility into staffing

less time to fill open shifts

20 minutes

To fill open-shifts

improved adherence to budget

Improved Adherence

To overall labor budget

Company Background

HCF Management’s tradition of caring is reflected in its history of high occupancy throughout 27 communities offering skilled nursing, rehabilitative and assisted living services. Over 4,000 employees work for HCF, focused on providing the very best care and enhancing the quality of life for residents and their families.

Business Challenges

Reimbursement cuts caused management at HCF to look for new ways to drive efficiencies and control labor costs – the organization’s largest expense. Prior to OnShift, HCF had little visibility into staffing and scheduling, which made it difficult to stay on budget and make adjustments.



Paper Schedules

  • Spent hours and hours on scheduling, making calls, filling shifts. "The problem with paper schedules is that you would hand out the schedule and then it would change 100 times by the you walked out of the office."
  • Difficult and inefficient to flex staffing as census changed.
  • Manually calculated required staff based on census information in other systems.


Costly Overtime

  • Schedulers guess who might be in overtime which led to significant costs
  • Management lacked visibility into overtime across communities.
  • Early/late clock-ins and call-offs increased overtime


Limited Visibility

  • Reporting on staffing involved after-the fact information from payroll and other systems.
  • Staff had little insight into scheduling and complained about last-minute publishing of their schedules


The Solution

HCF selected OnShift because of the efficiencies it would gain within the communities and the visibility it delivered across properties, at the corporate level. The company established three goals for the initiative: 1. Improve access to HPPD measurement; 2. Reduce overtime; 3. Provide greater visibility into staffing.



HPPD Visibility

  • Track staffing HPPDs and better manage to their labor budget with OnShift
  • Because OnShift identifies potential over/under staffing situations, schedulers easily adjust staff
  • As census fluctuates, schedulers use OnShift to pinpoint exact hours and number of staff required


Reducing Overtime

  • Open shifts and call-offs are filled quickly using OnShift's communications platform, which sends open shift messages via text, email, and automated phone call
  • Predictive analytics provide necessary insight into potential overtime before it occurs, so schedulers can make appropriate adjustments.
  • Punch variance reporting highlights issues


Management Transparency

  • Dashboards, executive reports and alerts put actionable data, like overtime, staffing levels and budget adherence, at management's fingertips
  • Corporate executives have an easy way to view and access staffing information across communities
  • Proactive emails highlight current and upcoming information about hours, costs and overtime

“I can get a real-time view of where we are when it comes to hours and overtime. This is our biggest cost in the company and seeing it in real-time allows us to intervene before it becomes a problem.”

Scott Unverferth, Director of Operations, HCF Management, Inc.

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The Results

  • Top performing communities decreased overtime rates 35%-61%
  • Spend less than half the time on scheduling prior to OnShift
  • Employees like that scheduling is hands-on and easy to make requests
  • Maintained proper staffing, even as census fluctuates
  • Schedulers are more productive and have time for other things
  • Higher morale because open shifts are distributed quickly and more evenly among staff
  • Greater adherence to labor budget and eliminated overstaffing
  • HR can see where people need to be hired
  • The Manor at Perrysburgh saved $277,320 by eliminating over-staffing & staffing properly
  • Decreased overtime to 1.88%
  • Fills open shifts within 20 minutes, on average



“We like working with our customer success manager who checks in with us all the time and shares great ideas. Whenever I have a question, OnShift answers it.”
Jacque Welch, Administrator
Van Wert Manor

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