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Key Results

less time managing schedules


Less time managing schedules

reduction in overtime


Reduction in monthly overtime from the first year with OnShift

less time to fill shifts


Reduction in time to fill open shifts

consistent staffing

Consistent Staffing

High quality care achieved through consistent staffing across sites

Company Background

Friendship Village in Tempe, Arizona is a continuing care community managed by Life Care Services. Its 128-bed Health Care Center provides comprehensive short-and long-term skilled nursing care. Services range from assistance with daily activities to intensive rehabilitation programs.

Business Challenges

Friendship Village, a five-star rated community, is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to its residents. However, the company faced daily challenges due to outdated, inefficient scheduling processes. Management was unable to effectively evaluate facilities because they lacked access to timely and accurate data. In addition, the inability to easily see schedules frustrated nursing staff.

Scheduling Inefficiencies

  • Countless hours were spent creating schedules by hand for 165 staff members
  • Shift requests were typically written on paper and slipped under the scheduler's door
  • Manual scheduling led to confusion among job responsibilities and assignments

Time-Consuming Call-Offs

  • When staff called off, schedulers scrambled to determine what staff was available and qualified to work
  • Schedulers spent at least 30 minutes calling potential replacements

Distribution of Open Shifts

  • Commonly filled open shifts by awarding them to the first person to accept
  • Schedulers would rely on "go-to" employees who had history of picking up extra shifts. This led to overtime and caused dissatisfaction among other staff members


The Solution

Friendship Village selected OnShift’s staff scheduling and labor management software because it was easy-to-use and incorporated the latest technologies to create and manage schedules. OnShift provided the training and support needed to get Friendship Village up and running quickly, even though many staff members were not computer savvy.

Creating and Managing Schedules

  • Schedulers assign the right employees to the right shifts with OnShift's template-based system
  • Quickly and easily modify schedules with OnShift's dynamic interface
  • Staff easily manage schedules from any computer or mobile device

Resolving Call-Offs

  • OnShift automatically identifies qualified and available employees; notifies them via text, email, or automated phone call
  • As employees respond, OnShift red-flags those with potential overtime
  • Scheduler makes informed decision to fill the shift and can prevent overtime

Equitable Distribution of Open Shifts

  • OnShift communicates open shifts with all available employees at the same time, with just the click of a mouse
  • There is greater opportunity for more employees to fill open shifts. Instead of assigning the same, small group of staff

"OnShift helps keep the nurse at the bedside rather than on the phone or dealing with paper related issues due to schedule changes."

Rose Anderson - Director of Nursing, Friendship Village

The Results

  • Spend 75% less time creating and managing schedules
  • Increased staff satisfaction due to broader and fairer open shift allocation and visibility into schedules
  • Improved the documentation of Friendship Village's staffing process
  • Less time filling open shifts gives nurses time to do what they do best - provide quality care
  • Eliminated the need for seasonal help as they became aware of available nursing positions
  • Gained information to evaluate employee performance, including messaging, early/late and call-off histories
“Before we implemented OnShift, it was difficult to manage the schedule and ensure that we were getting the right person in the right place at the right time. OnShift has met the scheduling needs of Friendship Village as well as the needs of our employees."
Rose Anderson, Director of Nursing
Friendship Village Tempe

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