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Case Study

Foundation HealthCare

Foundation Healthcare

Key Results



Increase in scheduling efficiencies

24-7 access

24/7 Access

Schedule access resulted in improved staff satisfaction & retention

overtime expenses saved


Saved in overtime expenses moving to OnShift

Company Background

Foundation Healthcare owns and operates two skilled nursing facilities and one assisted living community in Ohio and Virginia, managing approximately 300 beds and 500 staff members. Foundation Healthcare provides a full range of specialized medical and rehabilitation services.

Business Challenges

Foundation Healthcare’s goal is to provide the care needed for its residents to reach their maximum level of comfort and independence. While they were focused on delivering high quality care, management prioritized controlling their labor costs and improving staff scheduling. The company felt challenged by an inefficient scheduling process that did not allow them to proactively manage labor costs or effectively share staffing information throughout the organization.

Increasing Labor Costs

  • Overtime routinely ran between 5%-7% of Foundation Healthcare's total labor budget. Management determined that most unnecessary labor costs were caused by lack of insight into overtime at the point of scheduling. In addition, last minute call-offs led schedulers to assign shifts to the first person who agreed to work - usually resulting in overtime

Scheduling Inefficiencies

  • Using spreadsheets and handwritten requests to create and manage schedules was very strenuous - taking a scheduler and HR associate two days to create. Once published, schedulers struggled to pinpoint exact staffing needs as resident census fluctuated. In addition, staff became frustrated with the hand-written time-off and shift swap request process, which were often accidentally misplaced

Lack Of Communication

  • Lack The process of communicating open shifts created frustration among staff. When open shifts became available due to a call-off, schedulers would spend hours calling each staff member one-by-one. As soon as a replacement was found the call would stop, leaving other staff members unaware of the opportunity. This annoyed staff and contributed to substantial employee turnover


The Solution

Foundation Healthcare selected OnShift staff scheduling and labor management software to help reduce labor costs and improve the scheduling process. OnShift was up and running quickly - taking only two days to train the Scheduler, DoN, Administrator and staff.

Overtime Reduction

  • Predict overtime to make adjustments before it occurs
  • Resolve call-offs with one-click communication to available staff not at risk to incur overtime
  • Alert management of overtime performance with dashboards & proactive emails

Scheduling Fast

  • Automatically assign employees to the right shifts with web-based templates
  • Identify the exact number of staff needed to meet requirements as census fluctuates
  • Assign, unassign, move & communicate changes with staff with a click of the mouse

Employee Involvement

  • Engage staff to bid on open shifts using OnShift's intelligent communications platform
  • Eliminate confusion among staff assignments with 24/7 real-time access to schedules
  • Empower employees to submit time-off and open shift requests from any computer, even from home

“Employee satisfaction has improved because employees are more engaged in the process. Being able to go online, see your schedule and participate has resulted in a significant improvement in our employee morale and retention.”

Prentice Thompson, CEO/Owner, Foundation Healthcare

The Results

  • Foundation Healthcare experienced substantial results with OnShift. In fact, because of the dramatic improvements in the nursing department, they expanded the use of OnShift into the dietary, housekeeping and laundry departments.

Saved money in overtime expenses
In Overtime Expenses

increased staff satisfaction

Better schedule management

no overtime for STNA
“OnShift has helped us save in excess of a half million dollars in labor costs in just one year. It has improved our employee retention, customer service and created efficiencies that have helped us save time and money in other areas of our facility.”
Prentice Thompson
Prentice Thompson, CEO/Owner
Foundation Healthcare

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