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Essex Meadows

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Key Results



Less time to fill a call-off



Increase in schedule creation efficiency



Saved per year in agency costs


Consistent Staffing

Improved resident & staff satisfaction

Company Background

Essex Meadows is a continuing care community managed by Life Care Services. Its 45-bed Health Care Center provides comprehensive short-and long-term skilled nursing care. Services range from assistance with daily activities to intensive rehabilitation programs.

Business Challenges

Essex Meadows is dedicated to providing its residents with a lifestyle of freedom, dignity, independence and security while providing the highest level of service and care. However, the company routinely relied on the use of a staffing agency to fill open shifts due to scheduling inefficiencies. There was growing concern that the use of outside staff could affect resident care.

Scheduling Inefficiencies

  • Schedulers at Essex Meadows spent four hours a week manually creating each schedule with pen and paper
  • Schedules were difficult to update. The schedulers were spending an additional 15 hours a week managing schedule changes
  • Employees lacked visibility into their schedules which led to confusion among staff regarding shift assignments

Increasing Agency Usage

  • Essex Meadows spent over $100,000 per year on a staffing agency to fill holes in their schedules
  • Call-offs were a big problem and occurred up to five times per week. Schedulers would spend hours trying to reach staff to quickly fill shifts, but would often get voiceamil
  • Essex was forced to turn to a staffing agency to help fill shifts

Maintaining Quality of Care

  • There was a growing concern of how the use of outside staff could impact the quality of care
  • Agency workers did not have the same familiarity with residents and their families as the Essex Meadows staff
  • Management grew concerned that the use of agency staff made it more difficult to provide the same level of care to its residents


The Solution

Essex Meadows set out to eliminate the use of outside agencies by improving their scheduling processes. They looked for a software solution that was easy-to-use and gave them the ability to easily identify and communicate with staff to find replacements when call-offs occurred. After evaluating multiple vendors, Essex Meadows selected OnShift staff scheduling and labor management software. OnShift trained Essex Meadows’ staff and they were up and running in just a few weeks.

Scheduling Made Easy

  • Automatically assign employees to the right shifts with web-based templates
  • Eliminate staff confusion on shift assignments with online access
  • Easily modify schedules by assigning, unassigning & moving staff with a click of a mouse

Resolving Call-Offs

  • Automatically identify qualified and available staff to fill the shift
  • Send open shift messages by text, email or automated phone call
  • Instantly notify respondents if they have been awarded the shift

Better Resident Care

  • Consistently staff properly by assigning shift to qualified staff members
  • Quickly fill shifts with Essex Meadows staff members in emergency situations
  • Eliminate the use of outside staffing agencies

"We now fill open shifts fast and without outside agencies. OnShift saves us time, money and helps us give residents what they want - the staff they know and trust by their side."

Kathleen Dess - Administrator, Essex Meadows

The Results

Essex Meadows has been significant results since implementing OnShift, including eliminating the use of an outside staffing agency and improving resident care and satisfaction.

“OnShift has helped us to eliminate agency usage, reducing costs significantly. But more importantly, OnShift has helped improve resident care and satisfaction. The needs of our residents are being met and they are happier. Our residents and families have expressed how wonderful it is to build relationships with those who are providing care."
Kathleen Dess, Administrator
Essex Meadows

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