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Onboarding With A Purpose: Improving New Hire Retention In Senior Care

How to improve employee retention in senior careThink back to the best job you ever had. Maybe it’s the one you have now, maybe it's not. What made it so great? I bet you’ll recall things like workplace perks, a solid benefits package, awesome teammates and maybe even a manager that you credit for where you are today. But what about that company’s onboarding program? Did that come to mind? For most people, probably not. Still, something tells me the company’s onboarding regimen had something to do with your success and fond memories there.

That’s because onboarding is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, pieces of employee satisfaction, engagement and ultimately, retention. And for senior care, an industry that continues to grapple with high turnover -- particularly during an employee’s first 90 days, there exists an excellent opportunity to really hone in on the onboarding process and hook employees from day one.

Our latest whitepaper goes into more detail on the crucial aspects of onboarding and covers the modern, employee-centric practices that providers should put into place today.

Hopefully you can use these tips and tactics to make your community someone's future favorite job!


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