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We have the Coolest Tech Leader in Cleveland

Mark WoodkaWhat makes someone cool?

Depending on who you ask, you might hear things like: “Cool people wear skinny jeans and Ray-Bans, own a new iPhone and do CrossFit.”

Even though I own an iPhone, none of those things would be on my list. I think what makes someone “cool” is their knowledge, passion, attitude and values.

I was lucky enough to attend Inside Business Magazine’s Cool Tech Awards, where the 25 coolest tech companies in Northeast Ohio were recognized – OnShift being one. So what makes OnShift cool?

It starts at the top with our CEO, Mark Woodka. He is both the driving force and the vision behind OnShift. He champions OnShift and our customers each and every day. His hands-on approach and dedication to learning has helped him to develop labor management best practices that he shares at numerous conferences throughout the year. Mark is also a mentor, helping educate and prepare local entrepreneurs for the challenges they will face when starting their businesses. And he is a great person, always willing to help and get involved in philanthropic activities.

That’s why I wasn’t shocked when Mark was named Coolest Tech Leader in Northeast Ohio at yesterday’s Cool Tech Awards event – he deserved that award.

Congrats, Mark, and thanks!

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