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The Goodman Group Gains Quick Labor Management Success

employee scheduling softwareFor many providers, the thought of implementing new technology can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, OnShift gets it and makes the process easy. Our trusty customer success team is a dedicated resource to guide long-term care and senior living providers in their OnShift journey, ensuring successful adoption and positive results.

The Goodman Group, a senior living and healthcare organization, had several other internal initiatives in progress when they implemented our employee scheduling software and was thrilled that OnShift “took the lead” in training their staff and that they soon saw a decrease in labor costs.

Watch the video below to hear Tammy Weist, Director of Business Services at The Goodman Group, discuss how easy it was to get up and running with OnShift, how quickly they saw results and the importance of tech for employee engagement. [Transcript below]



People is our product, and labor is our biggest thing that we need to control.  So, we saw the advantages of moving forward with a software like this. 

When you didn’t have a scheduling system, a lot of the schedulers know who’s going to pick up a shift.  They may call that person just because it’s easier, and they’ll get that person to work the shift, but they may be in overtime, hugely in overtime.  

The OnShift staff is great taking the lead. We were really in a place where we had some other big initiatives going on at the same time while we started this rollout, so having them just take the lead and train all of our staff was great. 

I go out to the buildings and I audit their business offices, and I’m asking about OnShift. We’re using it to manage our labor, and we can just see the drops in overtime, and in open shifts.  You can see the staff embracing the use of it.  

Always looking for ways to keep your staff satisfied.  Having the ability for them to accept or request shifts off of their phones, or the app, or through a phone call, it just seemed like a really good step to engage and show them that we care and we’re listening to them.   

We liked the reporting and the management tools that were in it.  

We can just see everything dropping, the dollars are dropping.  Like I said management of labor is our biggest challenge, and we see the results already.   

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