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OnShift Scheduling Software: A “Big Win” for Altercare & Its Employees

scheduling software for senior careWe live in an age where information is available at our fingertips, and for today’s workers, on-the-go access to just about everything has become a way of life. Altercare of Ohio recognized this and implemented scheduling software to meet the needs of their employees. With OnShift, employees can now view their their schedule, request shifts, receive & reply to messages, set work preferences, swap shifts and more – all from their phone! 

Watch the video to hear Chris Stach, Director of HR Support with Altercare, discuss how OnShift’s staff scheduling software drives employee satisfaction and benefits the organization. [Transcript below]



What OnShift allowed us to do was to be able to really get a consistent picture of what the schedule was and the employee could access it 24/7 which was a huge piece for us.  

We have it for all departments.  Really, the reason we did that is we wanted to see the benefit for everybody.  We wanted everybody to be able to utilize the system and see the visibility.

With our younger workforce, they want an app for everything, and OnShift is perfect for that.

The big piece for them is they’re able to A, see their schedule, they have visibility into it.  They can also request shifts, which is a big one.  It saves us time on the administration side because if we’re pushing that schedule out, they’re helping us fill the shifts, and that’s what we want.  We’re saving time, and we’re also clearly hitting that employee satisfaction piece for them.  

For them to be able to have control of their schedule, request shifts, I think that’s a big one for both us and the employee.

Altercare isn’t alone in their scheduling success story.

Learn how Health Services Management Group fills open shifts in just 20 minutes with OnShift.

Get the Case Study!

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