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OnShift's Top Blog Posts Of 2020

OnShifts Top Blog Posts Of 2020 (1)2020 was a year unlike any other, to put it lightly. And as easy as it might have been to put 2020 behind us when the clock struck twelve on New Year’s Eve, I am a firm believer in learning from the past. And I think that this last year, albeit extremely challenging, is one where we can definitely say we’ve learned quite a bit. Not only about the novel coronavirus and how dramatically it impacted residents and staff, but about the importance of communication, supporting employees and of course, the resilient and innovative nature of this industry.

Our top blogs are truly a testament to all of the above, as well as OnShift’s commitment to helping senior care organizations solve their most pressing workforce challenges – during the pandemic and beyond. Thank you for all of your hard work throughout an unimaginably difficult year. We can’t wait to see what you all accomplish in 2021 as the dust begins to settle.

Thank You For Taking The Lead In This Tough Time

Although we had no idea the magnitude of what was in store for senior care communities when the pandemic first hit, one thing was clear right off the bat—the industry was determined to swiftly take action and ready to brace this storm together. In many ways, this post foreshadowed the valiant efforts that would unfold throughout the year, as providers did all they could to protect residents and staff.

Communicating Through The Crisis: How To Support Staff By Keeping In Touch

As the crisis unfolded, we noticed a pattern across our customer-base and the industry as a whole: providers were making communication with staff a top priority -- keeping employees in the loop on safety measures, PPE updates, new regulations as well as sending general messages of thanks and support. And this communication wasn’t one-directional, as many organizations encouraged employees to share feedback and ideas.

A Breakdown Of CMS' Reopening Guidance For Skilled Nursing Communities

In effort to keep providers up to date on the latest COVID-19 regulatory changes, we attended numerous industry webinars and briefings. Our goal with this post was to create a quick-hit resource that made CMS’ nursing home reopening guidance as easy to digest as possible.

7 Creative Ways LTC Providers Celebrated National Nursing Assistants Week

While 2020 might have been the year that industry celebrations were put on the back burner, that is exactly the opposite of what actually happened. Recognizing that their hardworking frontline employees deserved more praise than ever before, communities orchestrated new and creative ways to commemorate industry holidays like National Nursing Assistants Week.

Introducing OnShift Employ: End-To-End Talent Acquisition Software For Healthcare

We could not have released OnShift Employ at a better time, as our end-to-end talent acquisition software gave providers a seamless, contactless way to conduct their recruiting efforts during the pandemic. We’ve already seen some incredible results and look forward to seeing more organizations achieve their recruiting and hiring goals in 2021.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The COVID-19 Senior Care Employee Experience

As mentioned earlier, we saw some very encouraging trends across our customer data at the start of the pandemic, especially when it came to communication between leadership and staff. This infographic highlights employees’ concerns at the start of the pandemic and how providers stepped up to offer support.

7 Terrifying Talent Acquisition Tales & How To Prevent Them From Haunting Your Community

Between candidates ghosting, new hires not showing up on their first day or team members turning over within the first few months, there seems to be no shortage of hiring horror stories in senior care. This post tells those tales and outlines the strategies that can help you prevent similar situations at your community.

Supporting The Black Lives Matter Movement During Pride Month & Beyond

2020 won’t just be remembered as the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, as it was also a time where we were forced to take a hard look at the racial disparities that exist within our country. In this post, Tommy Marzella reflects on the protests that unfolded across the country and offers resources for becoming a better ally.

Our New Workforce 360 Survey Report Is Here!

It’s no surprise that this blog topped the list since providers are always willing to share perspectives and love to learn what their peers are doing to achieve success. The second installment of our survey report not only uncovers the top senior care workforce challenges, but how the pandemic has affected their employees and their organization.

Honoring Super-Superheroes in Senior Care: The 2020 OnShift Schedulers of the Year

The 2020 OnShift Schedulers of the Year elevated themselves to super-superhero status for their hard work during the pandemic, which without a doubt added another layer of complexity to their work. It’s truly inspiring to read some of these nominations!

Labor Cost Saving Strategies For The COVID Era

With 2020 budgets set months before, no one could have possibly accounted for the unplanned expenses of a pandemic: lower occupancy, massive PPE and testing costs, and increased reliance on overtime and agency. This post takes a look at some of the workforce management strategies providers have adopted to offset some of these hefty costs while maintaining high quality resident care.

Modern, Mobile & Contactless: Introducing OnShift Time

Similar to OnShift Employ, we released OnShift Time, our next-generation time & attendance software, at a critical time. This latest addition to our human capital management platform helps providers save money, improve the punch experience for employees and provide an extra level of infection prevention.

Here's to a healthy and prosperous 2021! 

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