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Altercare Credits "Fantastic" Partnership for Its Staffing Success

 labor mangement in long-term care and senior livingWe at OnShift take pride in the fact that we’ve helped thousands of long-term care and senior living providers achieve their labor management goals – whether that’s cutting costs, properly staffing to provide quality care or increasing employee engagement and retention.

But what really sets us apart is the wonderful group of people that we call our Customer Success Management team – who work day in and day out to ensure that our clients are seeing results like all of the above to make OnShift a partner in the industry, not just a vendor.

Watch the video below to hear Chris Stach, Director of HR Support at Altercare, talk about the value of OnShift’s Customer Success Management program and how their constant support and willingness to help has lead to a “fantastic” partnership with OnShift. [Transcript below]


Everybody at OnShift has been nothing but great, from the customer service managers to every executive, every interaction we’ve had has just been fantastic.  

I have nothing but great things to say about the customer success program. 

One of the nice parts about it, you can pick up the phone, you can send an email, she’s quick to send an email back, probably quicker than I am.  They’re so down-to-earth, friendly, able to help, and willing to provide whatever is needed whether it be training or on-site visits.  

She looks over a lot of our communities, and she will reach out to me if there’s an issue, see what the appropriate action is needed, whether it’s myself reaching out to that community, or if she doesn’t mind doing it as well.  It is a great relationship.  

Our partnership with OnShift has been fantastic.  


Ready to work closely with OnShift to achieve your labor management goals?


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