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LeadingAge & OnShift Announce Payroll-Based Journal Partnership

LeadingAge_OnShift_Web_Banner_460x180px.pngResearch published earlier this year indicated that 84% of long-term care providers claimed to not be fully prepared for Payroll-Based Journal. Despite the July 1st start date for mandatory data collection, many providers are still unprepared. Complex processes combined with a lack of knowledge and resources for defining, collecting and submitting staffing information can be challenging for providers.

That’s why OnShift has teamed up with LeadingAge in a unique partnership to help the association’s members overcome the challenges and complexities of PBJ reporting. As part of the partnership, OnShift’s educational resources and PBJ software will be made available to LeadingAge members. A special discount of OnShift Payroll-Based Journal Reporting software is also part of the program. We are very excited to work with LeadingAge members to help them succeed with PBJ!

In a press release announcing the partnership, LeadingAge president and CEO Katie Smith Sloan explained what this collaboration means to their constituents. “LeadingAge members voiced their concerns to us about managing the complex PBJ process, and we listened. We found a cost-effective, efficient solution: OnShift Payroll-Based Journal Reporting software. We are excited to work with OnShift to offer this product to our members so they can continue to deliver quality care to the millions of older adults they serve every day.”

Over the past year, OnShift has taken a leadership position educating providers about the Payroll-Based Journal requirements. We’ve held thousands of discussions, answered thousands of questions, presented at state and national associations from coast-to-coast, and published a wide variety of articles, guides and whitepapers on the subject. And, our Payroll-Based Journal Reporting software reflects the deep knowledge and expertise we’ve gained in addressing providers’ biggest concerns with PBJ. Our goal all along has been for OnShift to do the heavy-lifting, so providers can access easy-to-use tools and resources for all-things PBJ.

OnShift’s PBJ software makes the PBJ reporting process as simple as possible. It allows users to meet CMS’ staffingPBJ_product.png reporting requirements in three easy steps: collect, review, and submit.

  1. Collect

Using our software, all required CMS staffing and census data is gathered to one spot. Then, any potential gaps (such as contractor or agency hours) are filled-in by importing staffing reports or with our easy to use check-in application.

  1. Review

Our PBJ Software provides a dashboard that presents a centralized view of the data that will be submitted to CMS. You can see direct care hours by job code and labor category, and if errors are present, you can edit hours prior to submitting.

  1. Submit

Submit PBJ data in a pre-formatted exportable report that meets government standards with the click of a button.

LeadingAge members can visit this page to learn more about how the program can help--http://www.leadingage.org/OnShift_PBJ_Software.aspx 

Collect, Review, Submit: It’s that easy with OnShift’s PBJ Reporting Software. View Demo.

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