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Last Minute Relief for Payroll-Based Journal Stress

v2-pbj-quote-shortened.jpgThe biggest news coming from Washington D.C. this week is that the new Payroll-Based Journal reporting information is due. OK maybe this is the second biggest story. But skilled nursing providers are feeling the pressure to submit the new PBJ staffing requirements to CMS by the November 14th deadline.  

In my discussions with providers there are 3 stages they fall within the PBJ submission process.

  1. Panic: Have not started and looking for help
  2. Stress: Are gathering data now and trying to make the submission perfect
  3. Relief: Submitted and happy

For those working through the process it is important to note that the submitted information does not need to be perfect. In an article from McKnight’s, Lorelei Chapman, with CMS' Division of Nursing Homes, Survey & Certification Group, said, “We are not expecting data to be perfect. However, we do expect all facilities to submit data by the deadline.” What is important is to show a good faith effort and submit on time.

Here are PBJ resources for those of you that are panicking and stressing:

OnShift can still help you find PBJ relief and avoid potential penalties for not submitting on time. Our customers are successfully submitting everyday.

Allen Pindell, Vice President of Information Services for Lexington Health Network stated, “I found the OnShift interface to be very easy to use and navigate. The error reports especially helped us track down errors in the data our vendors submitted.  Thank you and the OnShift team for helping make this process less onerous!”

To see how OnShift can help your organization submit an error-free report to CMS,
request a demo of OnShift’s Payroll-Based Reporting software.
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