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How Senior Care Providers Can Attract, Engage & Retain Like The Big Brands

Engage and retain the best workforceThere is a perception that for many hourly workers, a job is just a job. However, a job can be so much more – especially in senior care. Senior care providers can provide employees with an opportunity to learn, grow, help others and be part of a team fulfilling a bigger mission.

The problem? The senior care industry is plagued with a crippling staffing shortage and consistently high turnover rates.

That’s why it’s time to start looking at workforce best practices and success stories from outside of the industry. Whether attracting new workers or hiring, engaging and retaining them, there are many lessons senior care providers can learn from big brands and their pursuit of hourly employees across the nation.

Our new report, How Southwest Airlines, Zappos and Other Top Brands Attract and Retain the Best Workforce, takes a look at 12 innovative approaches that senior care providers can use at every step of the employee journey to deliver new outcomes and build a stronger, more sustainable workforce.

Plus, you'll learn how you can implement similar strategies to stand out from the competition and become an employer of choice for today's workforce.

Ready to attract, engage & retain employees like top brands outside of senior care?

Download your playbook and learn how to attract and retain your top talent

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