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How One CCRC Reduced Turnover By 10% With Employee-Centric Scheduling

How One CCRC Reduced TurnoverStop me if you’ve heard this story before. A community uses pen and paper to make the staff schedule. When a call-off comes in, the scheduler spends hours calling down a list of employees until someone agrees to work the shift. Since these shifts go to the first person who says they’ll fill in, many employees never get the chance to volunteer - leaving them frustrated and disengaged.

You stopped me, didn’t you? Staff dissatisfaction due to inefficient and unfair scheduling practices is a tale as old as time when it comes to the senior care industry.

But Edgewood, a LifeCare community just north of Boston, knew that they couldn’t continue to operate this way. They enlisted the help of OnShift’s staff scheduling software to improve the scheduling process for both the scheduler and their staff. Since implementation, Edgewood has increased employee engagement, reduced labor costs and fills open shifts in just five minutes with OnShift.

“Our turnover has reduced by a little more than 10% since we started using online scheduling with OnShift. It holds employees accountable to work the shifts as scheduled. By eliminating confusion with scheduling or shift swaps and allowing people to cover shifts quickly, OnShift helped to reduce staff frustration and burnout.”

- Natalie MacBrien, Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, Edgewood

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