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Fill Call-Offs On-The-Go With OnShift Mobile

mobile-call-offs-schedulers-revised_3.pngI’m one of those people that need to be connected to work - always. But work continues even when I’m not in the office, which can make it difficult. That’s why having my phone within arm’s length is critical to getting my work done.

This was especially true last week while I was in Florida to present at four regional meetings for the Florida Health Care Association. What was I presenting, you ask? I provided a Payroll-Based Journal update and also discussed innovative strategies to attract and retain millennial talent. The sessions were full of great questions and providers shared tactics they implemented to help drive a culture of communication and support.

In fact, we even covered this very topic. I discussed how I was managing multiple projects remotely and we chatted about how mobile technology is making it easier for providers to complete tasks much more efficiently.

It just happened that OnShift also released its new mobile app for schedulers while I was there. I described its features to those in the room and they especially loved the idea of schedulers being able to fill call-offs on-the-go! With the app, schedulers can:

  • Remove and document called-off employees
  • Send open shift messages to available and qualified staff
  • Contact staff members directly using the app’s employee directory

They weren’t the only ones who liked the app, our customers do too. According to Ashley Daggett, Neighborhood Manager at St. John’s Senior Services, “The app works wonderfully! Soooo simple!”

Mobile connectivity and convenience has become an expectation for today’s workforce. Make sure when analyzing software solutions that it’s a deciding factor for your organization – your employees will appreciate it.

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