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Everything You Need To Know About Engaging Employees In Senior Care

engaging employees in senior careOver half of your employees are looking for another job and the competition for attracting new talent is fierce due to low unemployment rates and a growing workforce shortage. So, what’s your best chance for survival?

Employee Engagement. 

We don't mean to sound like a broken record, but employee engagement really should be all senior care organizations' number one priority at this point. Countless stats have proven its effectiveness in reducing turnover, improving retention and creating happier, better cared for residents.

To help you get started - or just build on the programs you have in place - we bring you OnShift’s Employee Engagement Toolkit. Our one-stop-shop for engaging employees offers the latest best practices, tips and trends in various formats: downloadable whitepapers, on-demand webinars and more. You’ll even find reward ideas that employees love for budgets big and small.

We hope you're able to put what you learn here into practice for noticeably happier employees that provide the quality care and service your residents deserve.


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