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Celebrating Our Senior Care Schedulers of the Year!

You may be surprised to find out that we’ve had a couple of unique holidays recently – Black Forest Cake Day, Manatee Appreciation Day, and Crayola Crayon Day – who knew?! But at the top of my celebration list this time of year is always our Scheduler of the Year Awards. I love taking this opportunity to recognize our clients for all that they do to care for residents.

2016 OnShift scheduler of the year

Staff schedulers in senior care play a key role in their communities’ success. It’s amazing to read nominations from their teammates detailing how each has made an impact on staffing efficiencies and community morale:

  • “She has used the message function to congratulate, inform, and motivate the staff. OnShift has allowed our staffing efforts to reduce overtime and provide better quality outcomes with our patients. Overtime dropped from a high of 5% to below 1% by the end of the year. The facility moved from being a 3 star facility to a 5 star facility.”
  • “I have never met another person with such devotion to scheduling. She is excellent at communicating with the nursing staff using OnShift, posting schedules, filling open shifts and sending messages out to the staff.”
  • “She works endlessly to ensure that we have the amount of staff that we need to care for our residents. She drops everything to accommodate any staffing need that we have. She goes to great lengths to get to know and understand the needs of the employees so that she can organize a schedule that is both beneficial for the employees but also to the residents and other staff.”
  • “She serves as our ‘scheduling consultant’ for our other locations currently using OnShift. She has absorbed every aspect of the program and has helped get overtime down by 74%!”
  • “He is very patient with our staff, and the new hires absolutely love him. In our region we have 14 other facilities and we are number 1 in compliance and number 1 in overall use of OnShift and currently have the lowest overtime rates. He has brought overtime from 10% or more down to 1-3% on a normal basis.”

After hearing these testimonials, it makes me proud to support such dedicated teams. Please join me in celebrating this year’s Scheduler of the Year Award winners:

  • Brenna Bohn, Integrace Copper Ridge
  • Andrea Douglas, MediLodge of Milford
  • Rhonda Edwards, Sandpiper Courtyard and Sandpiper Rehab & Nursing
  • Margaret Gillespie, Good Samaritan Society Millard
  • Derek Groves, Henderson Nursing & Rehabilitation
  • Mae Prater, Bradenton Health Care

These winners are truly deserving of this award. I think it’s safe to say they all deserve their own special holiday! Thank you for all that you do to care for everyone around you, both residents and fellow employees. And thank you for your continued partnership – we are proud to support you in improving outcomes and making your operations more cost-effective and efficient through staff scheduling.

*Scheduler of the Year Award Winner, Derek Groves, Henderson Nursing & Rehabilitation pictured

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