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Celebrating National Nursing Assistants Week 2019

Celebrating National Nursing Assistants WeekI hope everyone had the best National Nursing Assistants Week ever! I can’t think of a group more deserving of seven days of celebration than all of the incredible nursing assistants out there who go above and beyond to ensure residents are comfortable, cared for and in good spirits. All in a day’s work though, right?

But honestly, nursing assistants don’t always have it easy. Caring for residents can be mentally and physically challenging. But you do what you do patience, compassion and a commitment to those you serve. And for that, we thank you this week...and every week. Frankly, we can’t thank you enough!

I sat down with a couple OnShifters (and former caregivers) to get their perspective on the important role nursing assistants play in senior care - and they certainly sang your praises. 

But before you press play on the video below, I want to leave you with these wise words from former senior living executive Lisa Fordyce from last year's celebratory post: "Remember why you do what you do and let that guide the excellent service you provide and the meaningful interactions you have every day. The skills that you learn as a caregiver – patience, humility, problem solving, and so many more - can take you just about anywhere."

Enjoy the video and thank you again!


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