Overtime Prevention

Control Your Biggest Expense — Labor

With ongoing demands to cut costs and industry pressures like Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement reductions, controlling labor costs has never been more important. Overtime commonly consumes 10% of a provider’s labor budget. And with labor eating up 50-70% of your operating expenses, squeezing out unnecessary overtime can make a fast and noticeable impact on your bottom line.

Unfortunately, managing overtime is frequently like Monday morning quarterbacking. You know what you should have done differently but it’s too late to change the outcome. Checking time and attendance or payroll reports to determine overtime is reactive. But with OnShift’s proactive approach to managing overtime, you prevent overtime before it ever occurs.

Reduce overtime 90%

With OnShift, our customers reduce overtime up to 90%. That’s because OnShift’s built-in overtime prevention and controls allow you to easily predict overtime so you can make better, more cost effective choices when scheduling staff. OnShift provides visibility into overtime risks at all times, so you can avoid the costs before they happen.

  • Predictive analytics determine overtime before it occurs
  • Alerts notify management of overtime risks by staff and shift, including during staffing emergencies such as when a nurse calls in sick
  • Overtime targets can be established to automatically track progress toward goals
  • Overtime approval workflows prevent overtime without appropriate sign-off
  • Dashboards and reports communicate overtime progress and status at all times