Automated Scheduling

Start Automating Today with OnShift’s Scheduling Application

Scrap your manual approach to scheduling and start automating with OnShift. What used to take days to create and manage schedules now takes just minutes with OnShift’s easy-to-use scheduling application.  The result? Dynamic schedules backed by powerful tools that align staff with your census needs and your labor budget.

  • Automate the placement of qualified, available staff where and when you need them
  • Web-based reusable templates minimize time spent on scheduling
  • Easily modify staff schedules in minutes
  • Project who will be in overtime and when, so unnecessary overtime can be prevented
  • Optimize staffing levels to prevent shortages and avoid agency use

Optimize Staffing Levels

With OnShift, you can easily pinpoint the hours and staff needed to schedule based on your fluctuating census. With growing demands to maintain staffing levels and prove compliance with state minimums, OnShift gives you the tools you need to make sure you have the right staff for the right number of residents at all times. Dashboards and alerts notify management of any potential shortages before they occur, so you can take fast, corrective action.

Reduce time spent on scheduling by 70%

Hand-written schedules and spreadsheets are a thing of the past with OnShift. Extensive automation and drag-and-drop scheduling eliminate complexities so you save time and money. Intelligent scheduling tools automate the placement of qualified, available staff where and when you need them. In addition, OnShift’s scheduling can be applied to staff across any department or location – nursing, dietary, transportation, and more.




1 Human Capital Management: Finding the Right Vendor Mix, December 2011,, © 2011 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.
* Because KLAS defines OnShift as an “early-data solution” in the healthcare industry, it did not meet the minimum KLAS Konfidence levels to be ranked in this report. KLAS does not use the term Konfidence to apply to KLAS’ trust or reliance in the vendor’s product. A KLAS Konfidence level defines the range in the number of organizations that have evaluated a given vendor, product, or service. OnShift’s scores are for long-term care only.